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Why do you need to chemical clean your air con regularly?

In Asia, the air con is subject to running all year and grit / salt from the sea. 

If you find your air condition works less efficiently, or have the following problems:

1. Aircon cannot produce cold air or less cold air An accumulation of ice in the air con's condenser could cause the air con to produce cold air. An air con has two sections:  A fan coil and a condenser. If they are dirty, your air con will not produce cold air. Therefore doing a chemical wash will ensure proper functioning.

2. The aircon is leaking This happens when there is a back-flow as the drainage pipe is clogged up. Again, a chemical wash will stop the leakage. 

3. There is a bad smell coming from the aircon When bacteria accumulate in the fan coil, there is an odor that comes from the air con. If the unit is in this state, a chemical cleaning must be done. 

The dirt accumulates over time and invades the system of your aircon and eventually caused the system to malfunction. For that, aircon servicing professionals can absolutely be helpful. Moreover, getting aircon repair services is more practical than entirely replacing your unit with a new one. The most suitable treatment that aircon technicians usually apply is chemical overhauling or chemical cleaning. Basically, aircon chemical clean is a process used to clean your aircon's machine. This way, your aircon is being restored in order to improve its performance.

Excellent aircon servicing technicians do not only include cleaning during an aircon chemical clean. They can also include in their aircon repair services the checking of the control and thermostats as well as testing and troubleshooting if there are any other problems with your unit. Aircon technicians make sure that all the parts of the unit are being rinsed and dried out properly so they will not corrode once they are being put back together.

In general, the accumulation of the dirt inside your aircon's system greatly affects the performance of the unit. Therefore, having a timely aircon chemical clean can definitely benefit you. Since all the parts are completely cleaned, your aircon can now perform as good like it's new. Chemical cleaning clears out all the dirt inside your aircon which may hinder the conduction of the heat. Ironically, your unit's heating system must run properly in order to optimize its cooling effects.

If you would like to learn more about the chemical cleaning process, or you need to schedule an appointment, contact Cool and Cool hotline: +65 9359 0033 or Email :

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