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How often should i have air conditioning service

Generally, we should perform an air con service within every 3 months and every month for commercial air conditioner. You are advise to perform a services while you starts feeling the air con is not provide a not satisfied temperature.

Could i do my own air conditioning maintananing job

Yes, you may perform a cleaning of air filter and outer panel of the air conditioner every 2 weeks. Its helps to improve the air conditioning of the room, but to maintain your air con in the perfect condition you are always advise to consult a professional and qualified air conditioner servicing technician.

Should we ned to service our air conditioning regular , and what is the benifit

Regular service of your air conditioning equipments will provide the following benefits:


Benefit 1: The air conditioner will perform better and reach the delighted temperature.
Benefit 2: Power Saving in order to save your utilities bills.
Benefit 3: The air con equipment lifespan will be prolonged.
Benefit 4: There will be less need for aircon major repair.
Benefit 5: Aircon leaking will be minimize.

Air conditioning not cooling after turn on for few hours

There are few common reason that cause the air conditioning system is not cold


Reason 1: The air conditioner installed is under-sized.
Reason 2: The outdoor condenser is dirty resulting in incapable of producing cooling refrigerant.
Reason 3: Less refrigerant in the air conditioning system.
Reason 4: The indoor fancoil is dirty which result weak dissipation of cool air.

Any charge for troubleshooting

 Yes. For troubleshooting there is $30 charges. If you are engage our service on the same time of trouble shooting, $30 dollar will be waived off.

Will it be General Service price inclusing gas top up and chemical wash

No. Top up gas & Chemical cost is separate charge from general service. For pricing, please contact us for detail.

The air smells musty

Air conditioners remove moisture from the air. The water collects in the base of the unit. Under normal conditions this water will be evaporated out of the unit. However, it is possible for some water to sit stagnant in the base of the air conditioner for extended periods of time. There is no easy way to prevent this problem. The problem will be reduced if you carefully clean the base of the inside of the air conditioner at least once a year. That will keep any dirt, lint or dust from absorbing the water and allowing mold and mildew to grow. Also, replace the filter behind or in the front cover.

Water leaks out the front of the unit

It is normal for water to collect in the lower base of an air conditioner. See the section entitled: "There is water sloshing around inside." If water leaks out the front it is usually because the unit is tilted forward in the window frame. All air conditioners should be installed so they tilt slightly back to allow for proper removal of the condensation collected.

The air is cool but doesn't seem cold enough

If the air doesn't seem cool enough it is necessary to use a thermometer to check the difference in temperature between the air going into the unit and the air being blown into the room. Ideally, the temperature difference should be more than 22 degrees. For example, if the temperature going into the air conditioner is 25 degrees, the temperature coming out of the unit should be at least 20 degrees or less. If the difference is 16 degrees or more there is probably no cause for concern. If the temperature difference is less than 16 degrees you should contact us. 


It doesn't turn on at all 

Check to see if there is power getting to the air conditioner. If there's no power, check the fuses or circuit breakers. If there's still no power, you will need to contact our qualified technician to restore the problem for you

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