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Our Services

We work with all the top brands of air conditions, in a wide range of servicing  and repair requirements.

Repair Services
  • Leaking water

  • No Power

  • Not Cooling

  • Noisy unit

  • Bad Smell

  • Not Heating

  • Gas Leaking

  • A/C Poor Performance

Service Unit Types
  • Ceiling cassette unit

  • Wall mounted unit

  • Ducted unit

  • Portable unit

  • Window unit

  • Casement unit

Service Lists
  • General Service

  • Chemical Overhaul

  • Gas Topping

  • Troubleshooting

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General Service 

Keep your air con clean and run efficiently

  • Check and clean air filter and cover

  • check bio-pure or deodorizing filter

  • check and clean indoor cooling coil

  • check working condition of condenser

  • flush drainage system

  • check and clean condenser coil

  • check compressor suction and discharge pressure

  • check and lubricate motor bearing ( if necessary)

Chemical Overhaul 

A comprehensive service to remove odour, bacteria and dirt from your air con and prolong lifespan

  • Dismantle the whole indoor unit Use Chemical Solution wash the water tray,

  • fan blower and Coil

  • suck the drain pipeS

  • Wash the Filter

  • Check the Gas

  • Increasing the cooling by also saving electrical consumption.

  • Prolonging the lifespan of an air conditioner unit.

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  • Troubleshooting of faults in air conditioning system

  • Prepare service report on fault(s) found and recommended repair action(s)

  • Prepare appropriate quotation on repair parts required

  • Explain and educate customer on finding and recommendation

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