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Do you know air-conditioners help clean up indoor air pollution

Recently in Singapore and Malaysia , we hear a lot of news about air pollution.  Can your home air con clean the air for you?  The fact is, the air quality indoor can be ten times more polluted than outdoors.

Air conditioner are misunderstood as one of the cleaning systems for indoor air pollution. The air-conditioning unit with air filters can provide clean air but not for a long time. The air filters in an air conditioner are inefficient in cleaning the small allergens from the indoor air. These harmful allergens then swirl around you while causing life-threatening respiratory diseases. Special coming in to Singapore .

There are a number of allergens in the air that you breathe in your home. Outdoor allergens easily enter your home through window or door while few are present indoor. Mold allergen indoor can trigger respiratory problem due to nasal congestion, especially in children or senior citizen. The lead particle present in the paint also causes a chronic asthma attack and other health hazards. Thus, the indoor of your home can easily pollute your lungs. It may also  cause severe respiratory problems.

Air-conditioning systems might work excellent in keeping your home cool. But only air-conditioners with Hepa filter can help make your home pollutant-free. For a quick fix in less extreme situations, like high-pollen days, we suggest turning an air-conditioner into an air-cleaner by replacing the regular filter with a HEPA filter, and running the unit a few times. Look for a filter with a minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, of over 10.

After all, a pest free home is a healthy home!

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