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Aircon Servicing Singapore

Air con servicing is a must for maintaining the health of your air condition unit especially in Singapore climate . But you don’t have to do the work all by yourself, there are contractors you can hire for aircon servicing and many companies are widely available to assist clients in maintaining the healthy function of the units they own. Constant servicing for an air conditioning unit is essential for if it was not serviced for a long time it might deteriorate in functioning and eventually not work at all.

Consequently, it is vital to maintain service for your investment on air condition systems to keep its life span longer and keep it functional at its maximum leeway.

On the course of servicing, you will notice some things that those people will do in fixing or just doing the maintenance routine in your unit. This check-up should be done annually to keep your equipment healthy and to prevent you from spending extra costs; remember prevention is better than cure.

The following should be included in an archetypal maintenance check-up. One thing that is needed to be done is the checking of the thermostat settings as to make definite that the cooling and heating system carry on in making you at ease when you are home to stay and also saves energy while you are away.

Also, all electrical connections must be tensed up and voltage and current on motors must be deliberated so as to keep safe from defective electrical connections which can cause perilous operation of your unit and trim down the life of major components. The moving parts of the system must be lubricated, for if not it will cause friction and augment the amount of electric burning up.

On other minor stuff, your unit’s evaporator, blower components and condenser must be cleaned.

There are also minimal things that you can do by yourself like inspecting, cleaning and changing air filters in your unit once a month. Remember that a dirty filter can amplify energy costs and even smash up equipment eventually leading to breakdown.

If you would like to learn more, or you need to schedule an appointment, contact Cool and Cool hotline: +65 9359 0033 or Email

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