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Air condition unit in Singapore – General tips and advice from the expert.

COOL and COOL will always provide Superior Care for Your Indoor AC Unit – be it aircon installation, servicing, repair or maintenance, you would always receive the best expertise and customer care.

Here are some of the general tips that our expert team give to our customers as part of our services:

1) Never install your indoor unit directly above your bed or electrical appliances as you never know when it is going to leak (water).

2) Do not flush the indoor unit to the ceiling as the flat panel indoor units are designed to have its air intake mostly from the top instead of the front.

3) Always try to minimise the piping length and not install the piping behind any cabinets or any inaccessible areas.

4) Do not use strong chemicals to clean the exterior of the indoor units, just a clean, stain free cloth will do. The exterior should only have dust so you need not scrub it.

5) Do not use hot water to clean the dust filter, it will deform the plastic. Use will cold water to flush through or use a vacuum cleaner. Please handle with care. It is fragile.

6) Leave the dust filter to dry normally. Do not use hair dryer or leave in direct sunlight.

7) Do not attempt to dismantle and clean in the interior of the indoor units yourself - improper assembly will cause excessive noise and vibration or worse, short circuit.

8) Try not to set the temperature at 20'C or below, you are wasting energy. Research shows that 24'C is a comfortable temperature for most human.

9)  Install your fan coil at a shaded area of the room or home.

air con noisy from cool n cool

Top frequently asked question: Why is my air con noisy? 

For those whose indoor unit is causing you to lose sleep every night, it might be due to the following reasons

1) The bracket securing the indoor unit to the wall is not screwed tightly thus causing 'rattling' noise when the indoor unit is in operation.

2) At times, due to the uneven wall, the indoor unit can never be mounted 'levelled' . Thus it is important to choose a solid support.

3) After sometime, there will be dust and dirt accumulated on the inner horizontal fan in the indoor unit. This caused vibrations. (due to 'additional' weight distributed unevenly on the fan, resulting in unbalanced forces) Clean the inner fan will solve the problem – this is part of the servicing routine that we can help, to keep your aircon last longer.

4) If you have used the air conditioner for years, it might be due to the normal wear and tear of the bearing and motor. In this case, you can either change the parts or live with it till you decided to get a new one.

5) It is normal for you to hear creaking noise especially when you turn on the air con initially. This is due to expansion and contraction of the cover.

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